Service & Repair / Our movements are the workhorses encased in metal and sapphire crystal to keep you running on time. Anything and everything that is mechanical in our world requires a little TLC from time to time and your wrist watch is no exception. Service and the fee’s for service apply to watches that are still in working order, and service denotes cleaning and general maintenance applied to the watch.

​You can be rest assured that your HORAGE timepiece will be cared for, serviced and returned to you as it was intended to function when purchased. Please note that watches that you wish to have serviced should only be sent to us after 24 months of use if running correctly as watches are covered by our 2 year warranty from your date of purchase.

​Over time due to regular wear and tear or an unplanned incident your watch may become damaged and could need repair. Damage that is not associated with being a manufacturer defect should be repaired. The process for preparing and sending your watch for repair is very similar to a service as the same processes apply with an additional assessment of repairs, related costs and the need for your confirmation prior to commencing repair work. After our final assessment of the repair work to be done we will notify you via email of costs related to the repair that are over an above our regular service fee. Once we receive confirmation and payment from you we will commence with the repair work. 


Preparing Your Watch For Service or Repair / To ensure our stringent standards of service are met all service and repair work must be conducted at our facility in Biel Switzerland or a global HORAGE authorized service provider who has been trained by our watchmakers in Biel, Switzerland. Arranging service or repair is easy and to do so simply contact us at lostintime@horage.com. Please include in your email a copy of your guarantee paper or QR code associated with your watch and our representative will arrange a Fedex pickup.  If you have a repair needed we encourage you to describe the issues you are having with the watch and to include a few digital images if the repair work is on the exterior of the watch.

Contact for Service

Quality Service & Repair Expectations / With every service a watch is disassembled and the movement completely overhauled by our in-house watchmakers or authorized service provider under flow boxes. Every movement part is visually analyzed under daylight and inspected for no less than 20 seconds per part. This means your movement is completely disassembled, with every part checked, cleaned and lubricated where necessary. Furthermore, should we have any technological improvements made to our movements we will retro-fit them to your watch. After your movement is re-assembled and tested for accuracy and for the run time of your watches power reserve we will inspect your case, bracelet and or strap. All cases and bracelets will be cleaned and case seals replaced. Once your watch is finally re-assembled we will conduct a pressure test to ensure your watch meets its specified water resistance. The final step is a quality control assessment prior to packaging and sending your timepiece home to you.

​Your watch will be vacuum sealed and packed whenever possible in the packaging that it was received by us in and shipped back to you via Fedex. We ask that when you receive your watch that you wind it and set the time before wearing. For those following us on our social channels, we would love to see you share a wrist shot of your newly serviced watch @horageswiss.​

With regards to repairs we follow the same processes as above, however we will notify you of additional work needed to be done and the costs attributed to the repair.  After we have received a reply from you confirming the repair work and the payment for repair we will commence with finalizing the repair work.

Service & Repair Pricing / Please note that VAT is included in the below costs & cost of shipping has also been included for customers shipping from within Switzerland and the EU.  All other areas will have a small surcharge of 30 CHF for shipping.

​The below prices represent the cost of a service.  If a watch is sent in for repair the below service fee will be charged and we will notify you of additional cost associated to the repair of your watch.

​Pricing is based on a calculation of watchmakers time, cost of parts needed for servicing, movement type and logistics.  All prices presented in Swiss Francs.


K1 Automatic
390 CHF

K2 Micro-Rotor
450 CHF

490 CHF


Here are the steps we take when servicing your watch

1. Watch Disassembly

/ Bracelet or strap is removed from case
/ Case is completely disassembled 

2. Movement
& Parts Cleaning

/ Movement is disassembled
/ Each component is treated to an ultrasonic bath

3. Replace
& Retro-Fit

/ Any worn movement parts are replaced
/ Any part updates are retro-fitted

4. Movement

/ A complete movement re-assembly
/ Lubrication applied where necessary

5. Adjustment
& Accuracy

/ Adjustments made to 6 positions
/ Each position is measured for accuracy
/ Atomic watch synchronization then Cyclone test at 1rpm for 24 hours
/ Full power reserve testing over 3 day period

6. Case &
Bracelet Cleaning

/ Full cleaning of case and bracelet prior to re-assembly

7. Water Resistance Testing

/ All seals/gaskets replaced and final casing completed
/ Water resistance test conducted for model specified resistance

8. Final Quality Control

/ The fully assembled watch completes a stringent final visual analyses

9. Packaged & Shipped

/ Watches are vacuum sealed in a protective cover
/ Original customer packaging used whenever possible to reduce waste and additional protective packaging added if necessary


HORAGE watches have a standard 2 year (24 Month) warranty from the time of purchase. Any manufacturer defects that are presented to HORAGE within 2 years from time of purchase will be repaired and or any parts replaced and shipped back to you without cost. Our warranty covers any manufacturer defects, but excludes normal wear and tear, lack of proper product care, damage from improper use or accidents and general negligence.

What is the HORAGE 2 x 2 warranty? It’s simple, every watch is automatically covered for 2 years from its original date of purchase and when the first paid watch service is made between year 2 & year 3 from the date of purchase, HORAGE will extend an additional 2 year warranty on the watch. Only warranty and service work carried out by HORAGE authorized service providers is valid.

How do you send in a watch for service? Keep your guarantee paper and QR code associated with your watch in a safe place. Contact us at lostintime@horage.com to order your service and include a copy of your guarantee paper and QR code in your email. Carefully package your watch and we will send Fedex over to pick it up from you.

Contact for Service

User Manuals

Lensman 2
User Manual

Supersede Date
User Manual

Lensman 1
User Manual

User Manual

Omnium Gen 2
User Manual

Autark T5/Hv
User Manual

Autark 10 Yrs
User Manual

User Manual

Omnium Gen 1 32mm
User Manual

Omnium Gen 1 40mm
User Manual

Solar Wind 33mm
User Manual

Solar Wind 42mm
User Manual

Tourbillon 1
User Manual


1. Print the page in A4 (297 mm × 210 mm), and cut out the measuring tape.

2. Wrap the measuring tape around your wrist where the bracelet will sit.

3. Slide the pointed end through the opening on the top and adjust the sizer to fit your wrist.

4. Read the measurement, if your wrist size is between 145 to 175mm, then a short strap fits you, and if your wrist size is between 155 to 195mm, then a long strap fits you. Keep in mind that this is for your reference only, since some might prefer a tighter fit, whereas others like a loose fit.

Download PDF


For more info on HORAGE, please contact us

1 / Are your watches really Swiss Made?

All our watches meet and greatly exceed the Swiss government's designation of watches needing to be 60% to bare the marking Swiss Made. Our movements all exceed 98% Swiss value, with only two parts in the K2 and Tourbillon movements coming from outside Swiss borders and Three parts in the K1 coming from outside Swiss borders and these are movements with 101 - 194 parts. 

Additionally, a watch with a movement that is not Swiss Made cannot apply for Swiss chronometer certification all our movements reach these requirements, a level that only 3% of the Swiss watches made can reach.  We are therefore more Swiss than the majority of the brands on the market, however our precious timepieces take an incredible amount of hand work by a team from all corners of the globe and this is why we have either Hand Made or our town of Biel Bienne on our dials with Swiss Made etched on the movement. 

2 / Where can I buy HORAGE watches?

We sell worldwide through our own HORAGE online shop to ensure stable pricing and reliability.  In addition we have concierge locations in various locations around the world as well as select retail partners. 

3 / Is Tax/VAT, duty and shipping included in the price?

All HORAGE products shown on our website contain Swiss VAT. When we ship outside of Switzerland we will also cover all costs attributed to your countries import duties, local taxes and shipping, excluding the Tourbillon 1 watch. Please note that if your country has a luxury tax you will be required to pay that amount.

4 / Can I buy HORAGE products from a local retailer?

Yes, we have a growing number of local retailers worldwide that are authorized by HORAGE to sell our products. Local Retailers sell our products through our registered BrandCloud retail app.

Hong Kong - Lavish Attic

Singapore - Watch Wonderland & Red Army Watches

United Kingdom - The Limited Edition UK

5 / Is there any price difference between online shopping and shopping at a local retailer?

No, every authorized HORAGE retailer is acting as an extension of our online shop. Retailers and our online shop operate from the same system to be able to offer the best possible deals.

6 / How can I be sure that a local retailer is having my preferred HORAGE product on stock?

All retailers have access to all HORAGE stock at anytime from anywhere.  If they do not have it in-store we can quickly expedite an order to their location on your behalf.

7 / What should I do with the QR-code applied on the HORAGE products?

Please keep it in a safe place as this is your official warranty reference. You can scan every HORAGE QR-code with any QR-code scanning APP to get additional product information. The code also assures the authenticity of the product.

8 / I would like to pay via bank transfer at checkout, is there a way to complete payment this way?

Yes, you can either send us a note directly when logged in to the website or email us at lostintime@horage.com with watch of your choice and we will work with you on completing your order by bank transfer.

9 / Why do I have to enter my contact information during purchase?

By providing your contact data we can do two things at the same time. Assure that your transaction with us is saved as we require either email or your phone number and we are able to then immediately activate your warranty during the process of your purchase. Furthermore we can expedite your warranty, service or repair inquiries. Your data will only be used for this transaction, we will not use your data further unless you authorize us to do so.

10 / How can I return HORAGE products?

Stocked and ready to ship Horage products can be returned within a 14 day period as long as they have not been opened, are unworn, in their original packaging and no modifications made to the bracelet/strap. For orders shipped outside Switzerland we are unable to claim duty, taxes, shipping and transaction fees back and these costs will be refunded when a watch is returned. Please be sure to only purchase a product that you or someone you are purchasing for will truly love for years to come.

All pre-order watches are considered customized watches as they are individually configured by customers and made to order and therefore there are no returns on pre-order watches after 14 days of the order being placed.  Pre-orders can only be cancelled within the first 14 days of placing the order and because they have not shipped only the transaction fee will be retained with the total order being returned to the customer. After 14 days from placing your pre-order the order is considered final. Feel free to contact us via email at lostintime@horage.com with any additional inquiries.

11 / What are the conditions of warranty on HORAGE products?

Our warranty terms and conditions underly the Swiss law. Please view the warranty, service and repair section for a detailed overview.

12 / How do I send my watch in for service or repair and what is the process?

Please visit our warrantyservice and repair section.

13 / I would love to buy a watch, but would like to pay in instalments is this an option?

Yes, we offer a split payment option that enables you to pay half now and half at a later date.  Please contact us directly at lostintime@horage.com to inquire about purchasing via split payments.

14 / Do you have a printed product catalogue you could send me?

Our website serves as our digital catalogue as it has the most up to date product information.  

15 / I have lost my warranty card, will it affect my ability to file a warranty claim?

The loss of the warranty card will not have an affect on filing a warranty claim.  Simply provide us with your full name and watch case number and we can easily find the status of your warranty.

16 / I have placed my order, but I am wondering when it will deliver?

Please contact us directly at lostintime@horage.com along with your order/invoice number so we can help you as quick as possible. 

17 / What should I do if I find a problem or defect with my products purchased through the Horage online store?

Please contact us directly at lostintime@horage.com.  Be sure to include a few mobile phone photos of the issue and provide a brief explanation.  Please also include your order/invoice number so we can help you as quickly as possible. 

18 / How can I make sure that my order was successfully placed?

When the shopping process is complete you should receive an email notification.  For customized/pre-orders will will also send an official order confirmation 1-2 business days after your order was placed. If you do not receive an email notification please contact us directly at lostintime@horage.com

19 / How can I ensure that my purchase is a genuine Horage product?

Our products are only sold at authorized dealers (please refer to the retailer list), here on our official website or through our dedicated Horage concierge centres. If in doubt about where and who you are purchasing from please contact us directly at lostintime@horage.com

20 / Mechanical movements have daily deviations, some more than others. What is your standard?

A well made mechanical watch should have a daily deviation within +-10~15 seconds per day. HORAGE has much stricter standards for movement regulation and we set our benchmark for daily deviation base on COSC standards, 

COSC is an acronym for Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres (Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute) and is a non-profit organization that ensures Swiss movements are accurate to within -4/+6 seconds per day.



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