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To surpass the developments of the past you need to create a category of your own.

After hundreds of years of watchmaking finding newness is a task not to be taken lightly.  Only through innovation and a keen understanding of the core communities interests can one etch out newness.

The goal was to deliver the newest Swiss performance manufacture micro-rotor in a thin, all-terrain ready GMT. 

98% Swiss Made Movement

Thin 9.85mm thickness 
True GMT Local/Home hand 24h day/night indicator
Water Resistance 200m
Packed With Power +72h/3 Day Power Reserve
Anti-Magnetic Escapement Silicon hairspring
Premium steel 904L Stainless Steel


Just 29% of the earths surface is land, leaving 71% as water.  If we were going to make an all-terrain watch it just simply had to be able to perform when exploring the underwater world.

A recreational diver rarely exceeds 30 meters in depth,  therefore 100 meters is more than sufficient and the baseline water resistance of SUPERSEDE.

Our advanced team of engineers look to go a step further and push the material construction boundaries of SUPERSEDE to 200 meters and in June of 2022 they succeeded. 

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Engineering is at the heart of every Horage project.




Aesthetics are important, but performance is number one. Through a multitude of simulations our team landed on two micro-rotor material options that enable the K2 micro-rotor to compete with the best.

Tungsten Standard

Gold plated tungsten has been the staple of the K2 micro-rotor development and will be the standard option at checkout. Solid tungsten is considered a premium rotor in watchmaking. Its density exceeds that of solid gold and thus offers sufficient rewinding efficiency. The gold look exudes a classic aesthetic whereas the platinum upgrade has a more modern and technical look to it.  Regardless of your choice both perform exceptionally well.


Platinum Upgrade

Part of the K2 development journey was looking at using precious metals of either gold or platinum. Platinum exceeded both gold and tungsten in density and thus was the chosen precious metal for those looking to upgrade.

The PT950 hallmark is protected in Switzerland and this ensures you receive a true platinum rotor. You can upgrade to PT950 platinum for 1,200 CHF.



Developing an ultra-low profile micro-adjustment clasp from the ground up is not a task to be taken lightly.  The Horage team began engineering the micro-adjustment clasp (HMAC) in early 2021 and a year later the first prototype was complete.  It's been rigorously lab tested here in Switzerland up to 5000 actuations and performs flawlessly. 

The 904L steel HMAC is just 5.6mm thin, thus complimenting Supersede's sleek profile. It offers up to 10mm of adjustment in 1mm increments. All Supersede watches ship with the all-new HMAC


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Breaking Price Barriers... Again

We broke the Swiss tourbillon price barrier and micro-rotors should be no exception.

The market start point for Swiss micro-rotors with three hands is around 7,500 Swiss francs. As always we look to deliver more.

The retail price for the Supersede GMT with GMT hand, day/night indicator, big date and power reserve indicator with gold-plated tungsten rotor is just 6.500 CHF.






12:00 White

Transatlantic Blue

Atoll Blue

Boreal Green

Jet Stream Grey


Polished Centre Links - 904L Stainless Steel


Brushed Centre Links - 904L Stainless Steel


Gold Plated Tungsten - Standard

PT950 Platinum - +1,200 CHF


Orange Strap - 12:00 White Dial

Black Strap - 12:00 White Dial

Grey Strap - 24:00 White Dial


Blue Strap - 24:00 White Dial

Red Strap - 24:00 White Dial

Purple Strap - 24:00 White Dial

Orange Strap - Transatlantic Blue Dial

Black Strap - Transatlantic Blue Dial

Grey Strap - Transatlantic Blue Dial

Blue Strap - Transatlantic Blue Dial

Red Strap - Transatlantic Blue Dial

Purple Strap - Transatlantic Blue Dial

Orange Strap - Atoll Blue Dial

Black Strap - Atoll Blue Dial

Grey Strap - Atoll Blue Dial

Blue Strap - Atoll Blue Dial

Red Strap - Atoll Blue Dial

Purple Strap - Atoll Blue Dial

Orange Strap - Boreal Green Dial

Black Strap - Boreal Green Dial

Grey Strap - Boreal Green Dial

Blue Strap - Boreal Green Dial

Red Strap - Boreal Green Dial

Purple Strap - Boreal Green Dial

Orange Strap - Jet Stream Grey Dial

Black Strap - Jet Stream Grey Dial

Grey Strap - Jet Stream Grey Dial

Blue Strap - Jet Stream Grey Dial

Red Strap - Jet Stream Grey Dial

Purple Strap - Jet Stream Grey Dial


Thin & Comfortable

10.28mm & 39.5mm case diameter

True GMT

Independently set Local Hand. Skeleton Home hand slaved with 24 hour day/night indicator

Water Ready

200 Meters water resistance

Packed With Power

+72 Hours / 3 Day Power Reserve

Screw-down crown with opposing crown guards

Uni-directional rotatable timing bezel

Integrated 904L stainless steel removable bracelet

Choice of polished (shown) or brushed centre links

Domed 5 layer anti-reflective coated natural sapphire crystal

COSC Chronometer Certified

Home Hour hand

Home Hour - Skeleton hand that is slaved to 12/24 hour day/night indicator. Easily distinguished from local hand.

Minute Hand

Minute Hand - Diamond cut and packed with Swiss Super LumiNova®

Local Hour

Local Hour hand - Easily jump ahead in hour increments to set your new local time. Diamond cut & packed with Swiss Super LumiNova®.

12/24 hour day/night indicator

12/24 hour day/night indicator - Slaved to skeleton home hour to easily reference day or night back home. Also references home hour and legible in subdued light thanks to the X1 Swiss Super LumiNova®

Power Reserve Indicator

Power Reserve Indicator - Quickly reference the amount of stored power in Supersedes main barrel. 

Flat 5 layer sapphire crystal

K2 Calibre - +72 hour power reserve, 22 jewel. 3.6mm movement.

K2 Calibre

PT950 Platinum (shown) or Gold Plated Tungsten (standard) as configurable options for the K2 calibre

Maximized micro-rotor oscillating weight

10 to 1 - Maximized micro-rotor oscillating weight for optimized rewinding efficiency. 10 hours of power reserve is generated with just 1 hour on the wrist

Anti-magnetic silicon escapement

Anti-magnetic silicon escapement - Silicon hairspring, anchor and escape wheel are not only anti-magnetic, but 55% more efficient over traditional Swiss level escapements.

Function: True GMT with independently set Centre Local Hand. Centre Home Hour, Minute and Seconds Hands, 24 Hour Day/Night Indicator, Power Reserve Indicator and Big Date

Case & Crown: 904L stainless steel, crown guards

Dimensions: Diameter 39.5mm, thickness 10.28mm, lug to lug 46.29mm

Hands: Local Hour(with lume), Home Hour(skeleton), Minute, Centre Second, GMT & Power Reserve Indicator 

Crystal: Multi-Layer anti-reflection domed sapphire crystal

Bracelet/Strap: Integrated bracelet with 10mm micro-adjustment buckle. An array of rubber straps are available.

​​Dial: Facet cut, Swiss Super LumiNova® appliques, 240 Seconds track

Case Back: Multi-Layer anti-reflection sapphire crystal

Crown: 904L stainless steel, screw down

Bezel: Unidirectional rotating timing bezel

Water resistance: 200 Metres 

Strap: 904L Stainless Steel Bracelet & Rubber Strap (both included in initial pre-order)​

Movement: K2 micro-rotor, 3.6mm x 30mm, +72 hour power reserve, silicon spring & escapement, screw balance regulation, hand finished Côtes de Genève & quadratic black gold bridge .

Micro-Rotor: Gold plated tungsten standard with all models.  Upgrade to PT950 platinum for a small surcharge

Certification: COSC Chronometer Certified, ships with official paper certificate matching movement number

Anti-Magnetic Silicon Escapement

Non-reliant on the Swiss monopolies Horage through advanced material science and engineering aims to be the first independent watchmaker to deliver their very own silicon hairsprings to market when patents expire in November 2022.

SUPERSEDE again earns it's name as it will house an independent micro-rotor with a full anti-magnetic silicon escapement consisting of silicon anchor, escape wheel and hairspring.

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