15/15/15 HORAGE IS 15 YEARS OLD!

2024 is the year that we turn 15 Years old!

From the 8th of April 2024, for 15 days, we’ll be looking back over the previous 15 years and celebrating many key moments in Horage’s journey, from the very initial idea of the brand, through to the present day and our Mission Independence.

We’ve publishing articles looking into the history of Horage on the forum. Check them out at the below links!



To celebrate the 15th Year Anniversary of Horage we are offering a 15% discount on all products listed in the Promotions section of the online shop (*T&C's apply), valid from 8th April 2024 until 29th April 2024

How Does It Work?

Simply add the products to your basket and at the checkout you will automatically receive a 15% discount on all items in your basket.


Daily Giveaway: Win 1 of 30 Watches! 

During our 15-day celebration for Horage's 15th anniversary, you have the chance to win one of two original Omnium 35 watches every day*!

To join the raffle, simply buy a 15 CHF Credit Voucher between April 8th and April 29th, 2024. 

Each voucher you purchase equals one entry. The more vouchers you buy, the more chances you have to win.

Plus, the great news is that each 15 CHF credit voucher can be used toward any future purchase from the Horage shop.


Monday 8th April - In the Beginning. How a Rooftop Party Sparked a Watch Company.

Discover how the idea of Horage came about, why we are called Horage, the learning of some hard lessons and the lightbulb moment, independence.

Forum Post 1

Monday 15th April - Expanding our Horizons.

Documenting the challenges of being independent and remaining so, the rollercoaster of ups and downs of developing modern calibres and bringing them to life, whilst the world was living though some of the most turbulent times in modern history.

Forum Post 2

Monday 22nd April - Rise of Mission Independence; Being Autark.

Read all about our plan to double down on our core mission of independence, pushing technical boundaries and as we say; being Autark!

Forum Post 3 Live!


DAY 1 - 15th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Ka, Hong Kong (Draw Number 512)

Black Dial - Colin, UK (Draw Number 39)

DAY 2 - 16th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Brian, USA  (Draw Number 142)

Black Dial - Robert, Canada (Draw Number 10)

DAY 3 - 17th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Jorge, USA (Draw Number 172)

Black Dial - Hyman, USA (Draw Number 56)

DAY 4 - 18th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Pochiao, Taiwan (Draw Number 223)

Black Dial - William, Hong Kong (Draw Number 239)

DAY 5 - 19th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - 伯倫 賴, (PO LUN LAI), Taiwan (Draw Number 127)

Black Dial - Greg, USA (Draw Number 490)

DAY 6 - 20th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Ulrich, Switzerland (Draw Number 1160)

Black Dial - Jacqueline, Switzerland (Draw Number 1158)

DAY 7 - 21st April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - 哲志 李, Taiwan (Draw Number 396)

Black Dial - Urs, Switzerland (Draw Number 1073)

DAY 8 - 22nd April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Lorenzo, Italy (Draw Number 899)

Black Dial - Sameer, India (Draw Number 503)

DAY 9 - 23rd April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Koldobika, Spain (Draw Number 354)

Black Dial - Laurin, Switzerland (Draw Number 85)

DAY 10 - 24th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Ruslan, Israel (Draw Number 286)

Black Dial - Jason, Hong Kong (Draw Number 196)

DAY 11 - 25th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Vatsal, USA (Draw Number 90)

Black Dial - Aaron, USA (Draw Number 113)

DAY 12 - 26th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Jamie, UK (Draw Number 191)

Black Dial - Minson, Taiwan (Draw Number 57)

DAY 13 - 27th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - 腾刘, China (Draw Number 93)

Black Dial - 克倫 戴, China (Draw Number 191)

DAY 14 - 28th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - James, USA (Draw Number 184)

Black Dial - Laura, Switzerland (Draw Number 109)

DAY 15 - 29th April 2024 WINNERS

Brown Dial - Steven, USA (Draw Number 391)

Black Dial - Denis, Switzerland (Draw Number 34)



  • The 15% discount is available on products listed in the Promotions section of the website on the Horage website found at shop.horage.com. The following products are excluded from the promotion:

    • Autark Tourbillon

    • Autark K2 Small Seconds

    • Tourbillon 2, Yellow Gold and White Gold case options

    • Watch Services

  • The promotion is based on available stock. Once it's sold out, it's sold out.

  • The promotion is valid from 8th April 2024 until 29th April 2024.

  • Horage reserves the right to end or extend the promotion without notice.


  • Vouchers cost 15 CHF each. 

  • You will be emailed your voucher code within 24 hours of purchase.
  • Each 15 CHF Voucher represents a store credit value of 15 CHF, redeemable against any purchase on the website at www.horage.com. You can purchase multiple vouchers and the total value shall be 15 CHF multiplied by the number of purchased vouchers.

  • For the bonus draw to potentially win a watch, you will receive a unique order ID. Your order ID will later be duplicated for the number of entries you are eligible for and will have a unique Entry Number applied to each entry. Entry Numbers will be randomly selected using a digital random number generator. Due to the unique nature and limitations of this draw, we cannot provide entry numbers, only order ID's.

  • Voucher purchases are final and non-refundable.

  • By purchasing a voucher, or multiple vouchers, you understand you are not guaranteed to win a watch.

  • Wins are limited to one watch per individual, regardless of how many vouchers are purchased.  If an entrants' order ID is drawn more than once Horage will keep selecting numbers until a new winner is selected to ensure different people are announced.

  • The watches are production watches and come with a 2-year warranty.

  • Any spam or bot-related entries will be excluded from the draw at Horage's discretion.

  • Winners will be notified via email within one (1) week of the draw. 

  • Entrants will be added to our mailing list to ensure all people can be notified via email on this and future happenings. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

  • The final day to enter is 29th April 2024 at 14:00CET. The winners names will be listed on the Horage website after each daily draw, which takes place from the 15th April 2024 until 29th April 2024 at 19:00 CET.  Winners will receive an email communication about their win directly from Horage.

  • The results of the draw are final. 

  • Watch dial colours and the final spec of the watch is decided by Horage.  

  • Winners will have their watches shipped to them in 2024.   

  • Vouchers are only available through the official Horage website. 

  • Winners are responsible for all and any Taxes and Duties that may be charged on the goods arriving at their destination of choosing.
  • The credit value of the vouchers will remain valid for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, and retain their value regardless of whether the purchaser wins or does not win a watch in the raffle. 

  • You cannot use the 15CHF Vouchers to purchase additional 15CHF Vouchers.
  • Any questions or inquiries please contact lostintime@horage.com



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