Cosmo CageA first of it's kind

That start of Horage's futuristic engineered jewelry

Space Age

Cosmo Cage is a precious stone exchange ring, designed to transition any occasion. Whether it be an engagement, a gift to a friend, loved one or simply to spoil yourself, Cosmo Cage has a precious metal cage or stone for every look. Choose from one of two precious metals; 18K Solid Gold or 950 Palladium. Once you select your cage please remember to add the stones of your choice.


Cosmo Cage
18K Solid Gold

Cosmo Cage

Every Stone Unique

Working with natural materials always bares unique results. Natural stones vary in colour shading, veins and inclusions, this is due to naturally occurring mineral concentration. As an example we have found 28 slight differences in shade of Maya Jade in our collection and all are on the very exclusive dark green varietal. In regards to meteorite it's a nickel-iron mass that is formed in space and its striations are completely unique each and every time having been formed over billions of years, therefore each one has different markings.

Once again, every stone will be slightly different from another, but we have done our absolute best to source from the same locations to ensure consistency in minerals thus resulting in relatively similar color shade, inclusion and vein visibility.

Each and every stone is precision finished to fit the cage perfectly.  We compromise on absolutely nothing when it comes to delivering the perfect ring & stone match.


Safe, Secure,
Stone Exchange

"How do the stones stay in place?" it's a question we get asked a lot.  

We have engineered Cosmo Cage so that the only means for stone exchange is through the bottom.  This stone exchange system utilizes the tolerances of the metal and exact sizing of the stone. This means that with just the right amount of pressure you can snap in a new stone or snap one out through the bottom of the cage. 

Tolerance is a word we use to describe the level of precision needed for the stone exchange system to work properly.  The tolerances for each stone are very specific and nearly 95% of the stones machined for the ring don't make the cut.  They have to be absolutely perfect in dimension in order to fit the cage correctly.  This means that purchasing stones from other suppliers simply won't work.  Even if they say they are 12mm, they often range in size up to 12.5mm.  The ones that don't meet our tolerances never go to waste and are re-purposed for other projects.

Ring Cage Sizing

We will have 3 sizes available. 5, 6 & 7 which can be incrementally sized by your local jeweller.

An often overlooked attribute of making the perfect ring is comfort on finger and hand. Cosmo Cage naturally has an open and airy design to optimize breathability.  In addition, the no pressure point inner and outer design make it comfortable both on finger and for fingers either side of the cage.

Put that favourite sweater on with ease. Cosmo Cage's design has been well thought out to ensure there are no exterior points that can snag on garments.  The meticulous polishing of each and every angle ensures that you never have to worry about removing a ring when changing quickly. 



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