"If you want to build the future you must have a very good understanding of the past". Wise words from Horage engineer Florian Serex and the approach needed to tackle the herculean task of creating the micro-rotor tourbillon.
Continual requests from our community to marry our most sought-after calibres the K2 micro-rotor and K-TOU tourbillon have been heard. With a sound understanding of our proprietary movements, we are now able to move forward in creating our fourth movement; the K-TMR Calibre.

Movement development is typically a multi-year undertaking. Thankfully our engineers and watchmakers have developed a stack of core components that help expedite future movement developments. The K-TMR will utilize much of our existing catalogue of components with a number of new parts and new architecture to be built.

The journey towards the Autark Tourbillon starts at the heart of the watch, the movement with an estimated timeline to completion of 18 months. 



The K-TMR calibre at 3.6mm it‘s not just thin, but powerful, with the goal of 72 hours of power reserve.

Through advanced gear train geometries, a full non-magnetic silicon escapement and optimized micro-rotor weight, the K-TMR will not only be the newest proprietary Swiss micro-rotor tourbillon but one of, if not the, most efficient micro-rotor tourbillon calibres available.

If you want to build the future you need to go above and beyond. Through advanced engineering, Horage is raising the industry bar and will place the K-TMR in a league of its own for years to come. 


Customization is always a request.

K-TMR calibre will allow for enthusiasts to select the colour that resonates with them most. Sporty Red, Deep Blue and Classic Anthracite are available mainplate colour options for the K-TMR.

K-TMR Calibre
Sporty Red

K-TMR Calibre
Deep Blue

K-TMR Calibre
Classic Anthracite


Rewinding efficiency is at the core of any micro-rotor movement development.

To ensure maximum rewinding efficiency the Horage engineers will utilize a solid PT-950 platinum rotor.

Platinum is a dense precious metal that is also more dense than tungsten and is the premium industry option for micro-rotors. Increased material density causes the rotor to swing and initiate the rewinding of the mainspring at lower angles. This means smaller wrist movements will cause the rotor to swing and thus rewind your watches power reserve faster.



Cues are taken from our earlier generation Autark timepieces. The name Autark is German and translated to English means, independent. The multi-layer case construction with a target thickness of under 9mm will be sportingly stunning, but also prove to be a challenge in production with its mix of polished and brushed Grade 5 titanium surfaces.


Sporty, mesmerizing depth was a prime focal point for the Autark Tourbillon dial.

Setting the mood to the functions and finish of the micro-rotor tourbillon is the stamped Gradient Grey, Sunray Black or Sunray Blue dials.

At 6 o‘clock the 0.29 gram titanium flying tourbillon whirls and captivates as it makes a full rotation every 60 seconds. A blued screw in the cage references the seconds and can be marked at the 30-second mark of the minutes track that circumnavigates the dial.

Champagne gold or bright rhodium finishing on the tourbillon cage aperture creates a visual separation that complements the hour markers filled with Swiss Super LumiNova®. At 10 o‘clock on the Gradient Grey dial a power reserve indicator rounds out the chic technical finish of Autark Tourbillon.


A captivating interplay of brushed and polished surfaces

Refined detail and proportion were paramount for the integrated Grade 5 titanium bracelet. A taper from 22mm to 16mm balances between sporty and elegant.

The beautifully crafted bracelet is fastened with Horage‘s proprietary micro-adjustment buckle that offers 10mm of adjustment in 1mm increments.



One pre-order round that increases in price by 100 CHF every week. Earlier supports are rewarded with the best value.





Re-Calibrating the Price Barrier.

Horage broke the price barriers for the Swiss titanium flying tourbillon, the micro-rotor GMT and now we will do it again with the micro-rotor tourbillon.
The market start point for Swiss micro-rotor tourbillons is north of 40,000 Swiss francs and can reach the hundreds of thousands. 
The final retail price for the Autark Tourbillon will be at 14,990 Swiss francs with the Pre-Order offers unprecedented value at just 9,990 CHF. Pay in full and get extra benefits such as
  • Ship before Tri-Payment orders

  • Free service valued at 590 CHF

  • 2 years warranty extension after service

  • An additional free strap that we plan to announce in 2024

Take advantage of our Tri-Pay Plan and pay for your watch over three payments. The first payment is 2,990 CHF with two subsequent payments of 3,500 CHF invoiced to you with the first one due 60 days after the initial payment and the final 30 days before shipping.

Get in early as the price increases by 100 CHF each week until we reach a final retail price of 14,990 CHF. Orders start to ship in Q1/Q2 2025 whenever possible we will aim to deliver earlier.



Autark Tourbillon
Salmon Dial With Power Reserve

Autark Tourbillon
Salmon Dial Without Power Reserve

Autark Tourbillon
Sunray Black Dial

Autark Tourbillon
Gradient Grey Dial

Autark Tourbillon
Sunray Blue Dial


Thin & Comfortable

Target sub 9mm & 39.5mm case diameter

Water Ready

100 Meters water resistance

Packed With Power

Target +72 Hours / 3 Day Power Reserve

Titanium Tourbillon Cage

The 0.29 grams titanium flying tourbillon makes a full rotation every 60 seconds.

Function: Titanium flying tourbillon, hours and minutes, option of with or without power reserve indicator.
Case & Crown: Grade 5 titanium, crown guards.
Dimensions: Diameter 39.5mm, target thickness of sub 9mm, lug to lug 48.3mm, lug width 22mm.
Hands: Centre hour and minute hands, blued seconds indicator on the tourbillon cage.
Crystal: Multi-layer anti-reflection sapphire crystal.
Bracelet/Strap: Grade 5 titanium integrated bracelet that tapers from 22mm to 16mm with 10mm micro-adjustment buckle in 1mm increments. 
Dial: Options of stamped gradient grey, sunray blue or sunray black with Swiss Super LumiNova® appliques that glow green, 60-minute track
Case Back: Sapphire crystal.
Water resistance: 100 Metres.
Movement: K-TMR micro-rotor tourbillon, 3.6mm x 30mm, +65 hour power reserve with the goal of 72 hours, silicon spring & escapement, screw balance regulation, hand-finished bridge work available in three customizable colours.
Cage: Titanium flying tourbillon, 0.29 grams, 43-piece construction, silicon pallet fork, escape wheel and hairspring.
Micro-Rotor: PT950 platinum.



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