Yi is not just a 17.48-carat diamond watch, it‘s a symbol of change.  The name says it all, as it is derived from „Yi Ching - Book of Changes“.  Diamonds cultivated in the lab paint a brighter and more sustainable future for us all. The Yi diamond watch signifies our maturity in the luxury jewellery watch sector and offers the industry an outlook on what is possible through technology.


Yi, as defined in the 2000+ year-old Yi Ching, represents continual change.

At Horage, we embrace change through advanced engineering and technology. The Yi diamond watch is the culmination of proprietary innovations and ethical material explorations.
For Horage, luxury manifests itself in life‘s simple joys like clean air and water. Carbon forms life‘s building blocks and Earth‘s splendour. Diamonds crystallize when carbon bonds under intense pressure and heat deep underground.

Through tireless research, we discovered diamond growth chambers that cultivate pure crystals ethically.

These sustainable labs produce stunning, flawless diamonds. Where such technology exists, utilising it is only logical.
The Yi collection signifies Horage‘s ascent as Switzerland‘s youngest independent movement developer. Our premier timepiece flaunts 100 fancy, internally flawless baguette diamonds set invisibly into 18k white gold. This initial creation represents our commitment to an enlightened luxury watchmaking future.


Diamonds symbolize beauty yet are tainted by unethical mining and environmental destruction. We solve this with technology using lab-grown diamonds. The heat and pressure over millions of years can be replicated in a lab, producing real diamonds with identical atomic structures as natural stones.

Our Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds in appearance and structure. Even expert jewellers can‘t tell the difference. In 2018, the FTC ruled CVD diamonds are real diamonds, with identical carbon-based composition regardless of underground or lab origins. Cubic zirconias resemble diamonds but have a synthetic zirconium dioxide base, making them imitation stones. CVD diamonds are real, sustainable diamonds.




Although grown in controlled lab conditions,

CVD diamonds still form naturally and imperfections can occur, just like in nature. They undergo the same 4C certification as natural diamonds - Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. CVD diamonds fall within the upper-quality tiers, including flawless. Various colours like yellow, blue and pink are also possible.  

Our 100 fancy baguette diamonds started as 46-carat rough diamonds. When cut and polished, they total 17.48 carats. GGTL Laboratories Switzerland certified their average clarity as IF (Internally Flawless) and colour E-F (Colorless). Each diamond is hand cut, polished, and set in Switzerland in an invisible setting seamlessly integrating them into the case - an exquisite framing of time. Though created in a lab, CVD diamonds possess the same dazzling beauty and top-tier quality as natural diamonds.


The 36mm x 35mm Swiss Made 18k white gold case

resembles shimmering ice, cold yet beautiful. Over 100 diamonds are seamlessly set for opulent artisanship. A domed and bevelled sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coatings sits atop. The exhibition caseback reveals our proprietary K1 automatic movement visually enhanced for this timepiece with a yellow gold rotor.


The rotor integrates carbon‘s molecular symbol and a humpback whale reflecting our environmental commitment. The engraved caseback ring states, „With our love, we could save the world.“ 30m water resistance pairs with an interchangeable eel leather strap for a rare, sophisticated aesthetic. Despite lab origins, our diamonds possess identical dazzling beauty as natural stones.


The dial has a vertically brushed, nano-rainbow printed dial with white gold hour and minute hands featuring a total of six diamond inlays. Highly visible yet still subtle applied Arabic numerals surround the perimeter.

Although our K1 automatic is modular and allows for multiple complications, we deliberately kept this simple and traditional with hours and minutes only. This piece is a perfect balance of form and function and a timekeeping jewel for the wrist - beautiful, precise, and unapologetic.




The Yi Diamond Watch features our enhanced K1 automatic movement.

First introduced in 2015 after seven years of development, we decorated the 10th iteration specifically for this watch. The 18K 3N gold rotor depicts a diamond‘s molecular structure, oceans, and earth with laser engraving.


Though our most opulent watch yet, we remain performance-focused - the K1 offers chronometer accuracy, a 65-hour power reserve, silicon escapement, and an optimal 3.5Hz balance. With 22 jewels, it can be configured 18 ways but a time-only display suits the Yi watch best. Despite lavish embellishments, the reliable K1 retains our devotion to precision engineering. Paired with ethical lab diamonds, this watch uniquely blends luxury, sustainability and performance.


Diamond Watch


Case: Invisible fancy baguette diamond setting on 18k White Gold

Dimensions: Diameter of 35mm x 36mm

Crown: 18K white gold crystal: Domed and bevelled sapphire with multiple anti-reflective coatings
Case Back: Sapphire crystal with multiple anti-reflective coatings, printed with „With our love, we could save the world.“

Dial: Vertically brushed with nano-rainbow printing with applied Arabic numerals

Hands: White gold diamond inlay hour and minute hands

Bracelet/Strap: Interchangeable eel bangle or leather strap with 18K white gold buckle

Movement: K1 automatic, 3.5 Hz / 25,200 VPH, silicon escapement, 65-hour power reserve, 22 Jewels, chronometer accuracy (-4/+6 seconds per day)

Rotor: 18K 3N Gold rotor finished with a laser design of a diamond‘s molecular structure, oceans and the earth

Water resistance: 3ATM (30 meters)



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