Jan 23 2019
2 mins

OMNIUM - the name

Is there such a thing as a universal aesthetic?

Some cornerstones of culture transcend borders, eras and languages. Be it in architecture, music, design, or live performance - all of these can inspire young and old, black or white, professor or factory worker wherever they might happen to be in the world.
So it's no co-incidence we choose a Latin name for our first ever watch series. So much in Europe and Western societies can be traced back to ancient Rome. Whilst most people can now agree that empire building ( AKA invading > killing > plundering > 'civilizing' ) by means of technological superiority or sheer military might isn't such a great way to build lasting peace, prosperity and happiness we can't still but help admire the sheer array of achievements that spilt over Europe, North Africa and even some of the Middle East in the wake of the conquering Roman legions.

In a world obsessed with a never ending tsunami of new, better, shiny, technologically mega-awesome, disposable stuff it’s somehow re-assuring to discover that simple, uncluttered and pure forms can actually reward us with a sense of calm and serenity when all around us the constant white noise of modern life incessantly rages on. Something, I'm sure you'll agree that is worth its weight in gold.

This is where we set off on the HORAGE journey many years ago with the Omnium series of timepieces. Other brands can make loud, garish, ostentatious products. They polarize and that's no bad thing in itself. But that's not our style, we'd prefer to be the quiet ones taking it all in at the back of the classroom than the braggarts shouting at the front.

We're not consciously sitting on the fence here, pleasing all and no one in particular. A Swiss made watch is an expensive investment, not something you buy on a whim and discard a year later if your tastes happen to have moved on to pastures new.

So embrace the simple, relish some old fashioned chic. It's not retro, vintage or nostalgic, it's just timeless quality and style.


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