Jul 5 2020
2 mins

Inside Watch Tok - With Florian Serex

It will leave little doubt in one's mind that Florian Serex has invested a lifetime in the Swiss watch industry.  At the time of choosing a career path, his father gave him one option, watchmaking.  However, like the bees that call his farm home, Florian went to work and found a sweet spot as an engineer that can bridge both the electric and mechanical movement worlds.

He has not only worked behind the scenes but has led the charge for many such as overseeing the ETA laboratory to becoming the CEO of Vaucher Manufacture and La Joux Perret. 
無庸置疑的,Florian Serex大部分的人生都投入在瑞士鐘錶業裡。 在選擇職業時,他父親給他指一條道路,製錶業。 然而就像蜜蜂們把他的農場當成牠們家一樣, Florian開始工作後,發現了一個可以讓工程師在電子機芯和機械機芯的世界間架起橋樑的甜蜜點。
他不僅僅在幕後工作,還曾帶領主導許多事務,例如監督ETA實驗室、成為Vaucher Manufacture和La Joux Perret的首席執行長。

Always positive and never a dull moment when Florian is around.


From mechanical movement making to quartz, auto-quartz and back to mechanical movements along with being an initiator of future escapement technologies such as co-axial and silicon components quite simply Florian has left his mark on it all. Combined with his knowledge gained over years of exposure to everything watch related, Florian’s creative side continues to surprise and shift movement development further into the future.
從機械機芯製造到石英機芯、自動石英機芯、又回到機械機芯,再加上諸如同軸擒縱和矽材質零件等技術的發起人,Florian都在這些技術上留下了自己的印記。 他深具創造力的一面,加上多年來在各種鐘錶相關領域所積累的知識,能夠不斷地為機芯的發展帶來驚喜。

One must understand the past to move into the future.


Today Florian is an independent consultant and engineer.  At Horage he has played a key development roll in our K1 movement as well as our upcoming K2 micro-rotor and tourbillon movements.
如今, Florian 成立了一家獨立的工程顧問公司。 他在Horage、K1機芯以及即將推出的K2微型自動舵機芯與陀飛輪機芯的開發中都擔任了重要的角色

A few projects unique developments Florian has been part of as well as some historical relics. 


The scenery from Florian’s home in Neuchâtel is the perfect place to find watchmaking inspiration. Florian在Neuchâtel家中的風景是尋找製錶靈感的理想所在。

We hope you enjoy a this warm and interactive discussion at Florian’s farm in Neuchâtel with Horage founder Andreas Felsl.

希望你們會喜歡這場Horage的創始人Andreas Felsl在Florian位於Neuchâtel的農場上進行的一場討論。



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