Jan 31 2019
3 mins

AUTARK - a political view

Author: Andreas Felsl

Are we allowed to get political now? Please! Some people don't really like politics...its boring, irrelevant they say. All they see is crinkly old men in suits who won't answer questions straight. They'd prefer if it didn't exist at all, it's much easier to escape to a world of reality TV and Hello! magazine. But none of us live in a bubble and like it or loath it not politics shapes every little detail in our world right down (and especially) to the air we breath.

What's this got to do with watches I can hear you cry? A whole lot! Shouldn't business folk stay out of politics? Sorry, no way! We might alienate a few customers but not having an opinion is not an option, and if you don't like our opinion and want to shop elsewhere - c'est la vie.
Autark - what does it mean? How can we be any organisation be self-sufficient? Why would we want to be independent yet claim to be global? How can these concepts exist side-by- side?
As a business owner, it's pretty clear that risk analysis and management is a big part of what you do - the thrill of the entrepreneurial chase! Imagine a world where only one organisation controls an entire global supply chain - as a new unheard of brand do you tow the line and join the grateful queue of clients awaiting supply?
Doesn't that sound like what junkies do?

Or do you break out for freedom?

We choose the only path that made sense to us - even when no map existed and the local guides were sure we'd lose our way.
Autark is the result - the first watch to feature the K1 mechanical movement. They said it was impossible for an upstart new company to achieve what established brands were too afraid to try and at times we

thought they were right. The clean lines and classical looks of the finished product belie the sheer magnitude of this achievement. Sometimes we stop, think and fleetingly shake our heads.....was it a miracle?

So how does this relate to politics?

Well recently people have started enacting their own story of 'independence'. This version of Autark bears little resemblance to our understanding - striving for self-sufficiency doesn't necessitate turning back the clock. Didn't humankind already try to live in a fantasy world of 'pure' nations and peoples, where ideology Trumps common sense and humanity gets washed down the sewer? We can and we must embrace tradition, globalisation and freedom simultaneously. Retreating to some soft-focus 1950's fantasy world, which if it ever actually existed was always a winner-loser endgame supported only by military might is neither possible, justified or real. We can prosper without walls, barriers and controls based on nationality. Hollywood might be able to bend time like rubber but in real life it can still only

move in one direction - forwards.

So be strong and proud, but don't ever assume your little (or big) corner of the earth and whoever happens to live there is somehow more entitled than any other human beings on planet earth - this is stupid, this is #autarkgonewrong.



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