What is the BrandCloud sales system and what are my benefits?

The BrandCloud system makes searching for products and shopping them easy and convenient. By using BrandCloud we can offer a seamless customer journey between your on- and offline activities. Through BrandCloud our local retailers and our onlineshop become one unit. You will get the best possible price, no matter if you buy trough our onlineshop or our local retailers. We run a "brand to consumer" direct business model which allows us to do business with less friction and as a result we can offer better prices to our customers.


Can I buy HORAGE products online?

Yes, we sell worldwide trough our own HORAGE online shop to ensure stable pricing and reliability.


Who is paying delivery, import & VAT costs?

The products shown on our website contain 8% Swiss VAT. If you want us to ship outside of Switzerland, we will deduct the 8% VAT during export. Once the goods are imported to your country the shipping company will add the local duty as well as VAT.


Can I buy HORAGE products from a local retailer?

Yes, we have a growing number of local retailers worldwide, which are authorized by HORAGE. Local Retailers sell our products through our registered BrandCloud Sales App. A Retailer not using this app during the sales process to you is NOT a HORAGE retailer. Please watch out!


Is there any price difference between online shopping and shopping at a local retailer?

No, every authorized HORAGE retailer is acting as an extension of our online shop. Retailers and online shop are one and the system to be able to offer the best possible deals. The only difference will be the shipping costs which have to be added when buying online.


How can I be sure that a local retailer is having my preferred HORAGE product on stock?

By searching for your nearest retailer on our homepage, you will see his HORAGE product line-up in real-time.


How can I be sure that all HORAGE products at a local retailer are originals?

If the retailer is using our BrandCloud Sales App you can be sure this product is a real HORAGE product.


What can I do with the QR-code applied on the HORAGE products?

You can scan every HORAGE QR-code with any QR-code scanning APP to get additional product information. The code also assures the authenticity of the product.


How can I pay?

ONLINE: You can pay by Paypal or cash before delivery.
AT LOCAL RETAILER: You can pay by credit card, EC card or cash.


Why does the local retailer have a BRAND CLOUD SALES APP and why does he complete every sales process trough his smartphone?

The BrandCloud Sales App is connecting every retailer with our online shop. It is called SALES APP because it enables the sales person to act on behalf of HORAGE. That's why every executed HORAGE sales in a local store is a direct sales process between the brand (HORAGE) and the consumer (you). Every HORAGE product on any shopfloor is also connected to our online shop and can only be sold by scanning the QR-code trough the SALES APP. Your desired product can directly be picked-up at the shopfloor or ordered online.


Why do I have to pay trough a card-reader at a local retailer?

This is only required when paying by credit card or EC card. The card-reader works as a mobile payment terminal and ensures a save transaction of money from your account to our companies account. It is simply the link between your card and our payment system, just like every traditional payment terminal in a regular shop. All card readers are monitored by our system and can only execute BrandCloud registered products. In this way we can avoid fraud in a simple and efficient way. Every HORAGE authorized retailer is offering cardreader payment and is used to it.


How safe is my payment?

100% safe, because the transaction is monitored in real time by our IT and accounting systems. Any irregularity will be immediately visible.


Why do I have to enter my contact information during purchase?

By providing your contact data we can do two things at the same time. Assure that your transaction with us is save as we require either email or your phone number and we are able to immediately activate your warranty during the process of your purchase at your local retailer. Furthermore we can help you more easy in case afterservice is needed. Your data will only be used for this transaction, we will not use your data further unless you authorize us specifically.


Why do I get a receipt/invoice from HORAGE, even I bought the product from a local retailer?

HORAGE sell directly to you as a consumer. The retailer acts as an agent of HORAGE and simply offers touch, feel & advice. The fact that we sell to you always directly, either through our online shop or a local retailer, enables direct transaction conveniently for all of us.


How can I return HORAGE products?

In case of problems with your product please contact either your local retailer or connect directly with us via email or phone.


How are the warranty conditions?

Our warranty terms and conditions underly the Swiss law. See terms and conditions page.

For more info on HORAGE, please email: info@horage.com