Andreas Felsl,
the inventor and creator of HORAGE

“Watches are fascinating. They combine skill precision and artisan craft. All these packed together into a small space make time tangible. It was through my wife's business that I was able to gain first hand insights into the art of manufacturing these mechanical timepieces. However, what fascinated me even more than the production process was the complexity of the production network which in reality is spread around the whole world while at the same time everybody believes that a Swiss watch is solely made in Switzerland. And on top of all this was the realisation that there was a lack of a certain type of brand in the watch world. A brand which has more to say in our times of socio­-economic turbulences than tradition and complexity of production. A brand which has the ability to raise awareness of the huge changes taking place in societies and economies around the world. In times of global upheavals it is not enough to consume without having social consciousness.

We at HORAGE - the name is a fusion of the Latin word HORA (hour) and AGE - believe that it is possible to combine luxury with social awareness. The broader concept of this is explained in THE TALE, which is the beginning of a 65-year journey. One thing is for sure though, as a wearer of a HORACE watch you identify yourself as a global citizen, mindful of and contributing towards making a difference in today's world."