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Wind Up NYC



Is it a joke? An exhibition in the heart of Manhatten explicitly showcasing affordable, stylish, modern and accessible timepieces. Still with an old-fashioned mechanical heart, but not from stuffy old-fashioned brands? 

It sounded too good to be true for HORAGE, a perfect opportunity to showcase the young Swiss brand which has made a name for itself by swimming against the tide. 

Not only can we present our beautiful, quirky and lovingly engineered products but more significantly we can blow the trumpet for the BrandCloud: our 21st century retailing concept. 

In the heart of SoHo NYC, Wind Up NYC is a perfect opportunity to present our fabulous brand in an incredible city. 

Come along to 101 Wooster St October 23rd - 25th to meet us and find out how we are turning the watch world upside down.