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Land of Winter wonders

What could be more Swiss than watches and the Alps. We've recreated some mountains for our "Hours & Ages" event, but did you know that without them the watchmaking might never have happened! 

The Vallée de Joux, a quiet, rural corner of a land-locked nation. Running roughly from Geneva to Biel this 'precision valley' is a far cry from the dazzling lakes and soaring Alpine peaks on top of every tourist's itinerary. 

Yet at HORAGE we owe our livelihoods this inconspicuous part of Switzerland.Here, the Swiss watchmaking tradition was born. Imprisoned in their homes for 6 months on end by metres of snow and winter temperatures as low as -40 degrees summer farmers accidentally became winter clockmakers. 

A craft, which spread throughout the mountainous Jura region. Each family unit became a specialist supplier of one particular watch component - a tradition that continued until global industrialisation transformed forced migration to the new factories. 

They had always needed to supplement their farming in one way or another, the harsh climate and rough terrain made agriculture alone unsustainable. Over centuries wood and metalworking crafts became staple cottage industries. 

Watchmaking arrived in Switzerland with religious refugees - banished from Catholic France the Protestants watchmakers fled to the tolerant city of Geneva. 

A fable for our modern world?

DATE: 5/29 (Fri.)~6/7(Sun.) OPEN TIME: 12:00~18:00 PLACE: Eslite Art Gallery ADDRESS:B2, No.245, Sec. 1, Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan