Black Beauty Pearls

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected quarters.

Our fantasy jumps to a different place, the shore of a distant island - Tahiti. A teenage boy has dived to 100ft to collect oysters. Pushing the limits of human endurance. The anticipation is almost unbearable. He nervously prises the oyster open to see whether the fabulous fruit is nestled inside.

It was - luckily!

And so we can create this stunning ring crafted from dark black Tahiti pearls which let´s the white gold out of a sudden look sparkling black. 


Collection: Jewels of Nature

Theme: Beans , Peas

Type: Ring

Main material: 18k white gold

Pearl: 3 pcs , Tahiti natural black

Size: Made to measure

CHF   12,000.00

Prices incl. VAT