Millionaire Pearls

We find inspiration in the natural world around us: Beauty and Perfection can be found even in humble, every-day plants like the pea! This piece brings together precious metals, gems and the concept of peas and beans in one object, creating one of the iconic items in our "Jewels of Nature" collection. It is painstaking handwork to set all the 76 diamonds and 283 Tsavolites on golden peas.

We love jewelry - It allows us to let our fantasy run riot!

And YES - we know it is kind of expensive and this is why we gave this beautiful piece its name.


Collection: Jewels of Nature

Theme: Beans , Peas

Type: Ring

Main material: 18k rose gold

Pearl 1: 18k rose gold 76 diamonds

Pearl 2: 18k rose gold 160 tsavolites

Pearl 3: 18k rose gold 123 tsavolites

Size: Made to measure

CHF   35,000.00

Prices incl. VAT